Bigger and better

1000WATT is now bigger. We’re better, too.

We’ve made three key hires and also moved our Portland headquarters to a new and larger space just a few blocks from our old home base.

The team we’ve put together is doing great work and fulfilling our mission to make real estate better.

We’re creating eye-catching brands, giving old ones milestone makeovers, designing beautiful websites, developing marketing campaigns that move the needle, and helping really smart people think through big, strategic decisions.

If you follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you may have already seen pics of our new Portland office:

Marc, Steph and team did an amazing job not only making the move go as smoothly as possible, but also in designing a truly creative space where we feel energized and inspired to do outstanding work for our clients.

Allow me to introduce our latest hires:

Patrick Sanders has joined us as our new creative director and brings a depth of experience from a creative agency background. He’s a designer with a valuable knack for directing design teams for brands across a few different verticals. We couldn’t be happier.

The level of design work we’ve taken on in recent years has made a giant leap both strategically and creatively. Patrick will be a linchpin in ensuring our clients get original thinking and flawless execution in every pixel we design.

Darcy Walker is a project manager who’s also a designer with a degree in journalism. She brings precision, energy and creativity to every project she manages. And she’s helping us finally get our social media game together.

Jana Hodgins is also a project manager who’s jumped right in and begun managing important client work with professionalism and prowess. She brings a variety of work experience to the table that has already proven valuable to our agency and our clients.

All three work at our headquarters in Portland’s Pearl District. Brian and I work out of our satellite office in Oakland, Calif.

In addition to these new hires and office space, we’ve done a bit of soul searching and put ourselves through some of the same strategic exercises we use on our clients. We spent a few days on a company retreat in the mountains in Oregon this past summer and used the opportunity to think big about our roots and our future.

Get in touch if you’d like to put the 1000WATT team to work for your company.