Amid the Web 2.0 hoopla, something to get excited about

I like technology applications that solve real problems. Think email listing alerts. That’s a perfect app. Solves a problem for both the consumer and professional.               

It is for this reason that I love Forms Advisor.


I almost forgot how cool this city was. I was there over the weekend to deliver a speech at the AE Institute event produced by the NAR. I had an hour — I wish I had three. There’s so much more I wanted to share with the group. For instance, how the 98% of those in attendance challenged by technology could share their fears and questions with the remaining 2% who aren’t through a social network or an AE wiki.

Or what it would look like if those associations that have undertaken progressive initiatives and resolved thorny legal issues could share them with those in the group that haven’t. You know, through an open source idea share.

I never got that far.

But I did get to do a quick scan of all the vendors present. I was encouraged by the fact that the booth offering Realtor hats and pins was buried way in the back. Association executives don’t need Realtor hats. They need solutions to problems. One of them was located at a booth smack dab in the center of the hall.

Forms Advisor

I can only imagine how many Prilosecs I’d be popping each day if I were a broker stressing over the notion that at any moment in time, one or more of my independent contractor agents might be screwing up their transactional paperwork. I know it happens. I talk to brokers every day. This market’s an E&O tinderbox. REFN, the company behind Forms Advisor, understands this.


Forms Advisor takes the agent user through a simple question interface that asks about the type of transaction for which they need forms. Once this is completed, the system creates and organizes each and every form needed for the transaction. Automagically.

It’s convenient.
It’s easy.
It solves a problem.

Amid all the all Web 2.0 hoopla …

I find all the Web 2.0 stuff cool, hip and sometimes useful. But right here, right now, if I’m a broker and my agents aren’t rock solid on the paperwork, all the social networking, blogging and widget wiggling isn’t going to mean a hill of beans.

Forms Advisor might not be fancy. It might not be whizbang. It lacks the high gloss Web 2.0. But it’s real. And it works. If I were a broker, I’d make a beeline for it and free throw my Prilosec into the trash.

It’s a digital version of your Association’s legal department at your fingertips strapped to a GPS.

3 points.
Game over.
Everybody wins.