A mortgage leader warms up

“This company is amazing.” 

That’s what our friend and real estate/mortgage/tech superstar Ginger Wilcox told us. She had joined Home Point Financial as Chief Experience Officer just a few weeks before and was already moving fast on a bunch of initiatives. 

On her list: making sure the passion, culture and human-focus of this giant lender (#3 wholesale and #9 non-bank nationwide) became just as evident to the world as it was to her.

Looking in from the outside, where we were, Home Point Financial didn’t look or sound extraordinary. 

What it looked and sounded like was what the large majority mortgage companies look and sound like: a cold, dry, numbers-driven purveyor of loan products. 

In a world where non-bank lenders are consuming more and more market share, and companies like Better, Rocket, Movement and others are upping the stake on design and marketing or defining themselves in more purposeful ways, this wasn’t a good place for Home Point to be. 

But it was our favorite kind of situation. Making great companies look and sound as great as they are is our sweet spot. This disconnect drags on everything — it’s a totally unnecessary obstacle to building client connections, a letdown to employees who can’t be proud of how their company presents itself to the world, and the competitive equivalent of ankle weights. 

We got to work.

It started with the name: “Home Point Financial” doesn’t exactly give one the feels, so how about just “homepoint?” For a company that sees itself as a steward of responsible homeownership, and more than just a financial institution, this just made sense. 

We created a logo mark that not only warmed the company’s temperature, but laid the foundation for a full identity system that would allow homepoint to make its difference immediately known. The relationship between the O and the I created a symmetry and focus we extended to patterns and even the framing of photography. 

Language needed to reinforce this move, so we created messaging, website copy and ad copy to compliment the human focus of the visual identity.

homepoint has grown to be a mortgage leader in just five years. They now have a brand to help them go even further, faster.