A holiday reflection

We’re often moving so fast that we barely have time to reflect on our work, or express gratitude for those who allow us to do it. 2019 has been busy. 

So, when the end of the year comes around, we like to recount the big moments we didn’t have time to celebrate in-the-moment. 

And there have been a lot of them. It’s been a significant year for us, numerically and sentimentally. 

So in the holiday spirit, we took some time this week to reminisce on 2019…

By the numbers:

  • As a team, we logged 15,106 hours of work.
  • Wrote 32 blog posts, bringing our total over the past 12 years to 1,125.
  • Rebranded, re-positioned and launched campaigns for 34 companies (one of which was just successfully acquired).
  • Helped launch 2 new proptech startups.
  • Grew to 15 team members with the hire of 3 new project managers, including 1 director of project management (who we don’t know what we ever did without).
  • Rethought our office space — a lot. We rearranged our office 3 times, installed 3 new whiteboards, and built 1 new conference room. 
  • Went on a 2-day retreat to Hood River, where we tie-dyed t-shirts, talked about wins and losses, and drank countless mai tais, kombuchas, and craft beers.

As for special moments…

  • We got our first client off the North American mainland (and, lucky us, they were in the Bahamas).
  • Made a special team trip to Inman Las Vegas.
  • Did arts & crafts together.
  • Held an open house for our local design community as part of Design Week Portland.
  • Did some serious self reflection and, after many, many months (12 of them, to be exact), refreshed our brand and built a new website to tell our story.
  • Worked with a real estate team, for the first time ever. The experience was so wonderful that we launched 1000WATT for Teams, an entirely new arm of our agency, to bring good branding and storytelling to a blossoming sector of the real estate world.

For 15 brains in two offices servicing nearly 50 clients, we’re pretty proud of this list of accomplishments. 

We’ve got an even bigger year planned for 2020. The scheduled release of 7 major rebrands, digging into work on our new recruiting solution for brokers, and a few still-secret moves we can’t wait to share with you. 

Thank you for contributing to our big year – as readers, clients, friends, colleagues and members of the 1000WATT Tribe. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to write this list. 

May you enjoy a peaceful holiday. 

See you in 2020.

Your friends at 1000WATT