Blogging, big broker style

We know plenty of agents who rock the blog. Brokers … not so much. The Better Homes and Gardens team is a stand-out, but it’s hard to cite many more honest-to-goodness cases of brokerages – especially big ones – really nailing it. There are lots of reasons for this I don’t have time to explore right now. So let me get to it.

If you run a brokerage company. Go here.

Avram Goldman, CEO of Pacific Union Real Estate here in California, stuck his toe into the electronic waters about a year ago with “The Goldman Report,” an email newsletter that combined his insights and those of his office managers/VPs with hard local market numbers. The voice was human, the content free from the sickening sweet gloss of market boosterism.

As a homeowner in the Bay Area, it’s on my must-read list.

Now he’s posting his weekly report on the blog above. It’s not perfect. There are things I would do differently. But he’s got the big items covered: A clear sense of audience, valuable content and a voice that encourages trust and engagement.

If you know another broker who gets it, please note them in comments.

Brian Boero

Disclosure: Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate is a 1000WATT Consulting client.