A better way to recruit

“We can’t recruit Millennial agents.”

“Compass is killing us – agents are drawn in by the image.”

“We’re perceived as tired and stodgy.”

“Our managers are no longer confident in our value proposition.”

“We’ve lost our voice.”

We hear these things all the time in our work inside brokerage companies. Every company is different, but there’s one harsh reality that prevails in the large majority of cases:

Their recruiting campaigns are really, really bad.

Circa-2004 recruiting websites with lifeless copy and cringy stock photos. Undifferentiated value propositions. Canned emails (usually featuring more of those stock photos!) that came as part of a system purchased back when Myspace was the future.

And the sad thing? The companies stuck in this place are usually waaaay better than the recruiting campaigns they are letting out into the world make them out to be. Sometimes they are aware that this is a problem; other times they are oblivious. But there they are, stuck. 

Their awesome managers never get the coffee meeting with that new hot-shot agent because the company’s recruiting message works to repel her. Their culture never gets experienced because it is masked by words and images that do not reflect that culture. Real elements of value are sanded down to platitudes.

Turning point

Earlier this year, Bellator Real Estate and Development, a client we had recently rebranded, asked us if we would help them develop a new recruiting campaign from soup to nuts. They needed a solution for managers that was smart, on brand, on message and – importantly – easy to execute. 

We dug in. Honed the message. Wrote the emails. Designed a great-looking landing page for each manager. They set it all up in Mailchimp to automate mostly everything, but the content was created in a way that didn’t look or feel canned. 

It worked. Big time.

Announcing 1000WATT Recruiter

All of this led us to this announcement: We have partnered with Active Pipe, a company that has established itself as the leader in email marketing in real estate, to create a modern recruiting solution for brokerages. 

Because it’s time there was something better. 

It’s pretty simple: the 1000WATT creative team works with you to turbocharge your recruiting story, then writes the emails and web copy you need to bring it to the world. When it’s perfect, Active Pipe tees it up in their automated, intelligent delivery system that gets it to the right people at the right time. 

It’s still going to come down to the face-to-face meeting. But we’ll get you more of them, with better outcomes. 

Things are intense in the business right now. Recruiting is mission critical. This is no time to be in the market with a weak recruiting campaign. 

There’s now a better way.