48 hours later – I am still a lead

The saga continues

No call. No email. Nothing.

Is this the great promise of technology?
is this the result of an clueless agent?
Is this what happens to “leads”?

I’m hung up on the notion that the word “lead” dehumanizes consumers. It boils us down into this heap of electronic impulses relegated to inbox’s or junk files. To an unfulfilled promise. To an invisible mass of vapor that maybe many agents have lost faith in.

If my inquiry were terrestrial, it would have turned into a baton and passed around an office until it was carried across some agents finish line. I believe for the web to work for real estate, its technology and its agents need to attend to electronic inquiries in the very same spirit. With the very same zest.

This listing was picked from hundreds. Random.

Is it possible that this happens over and over on sites all across real estate to “leads” just like me?

Do you think this might add to the diminishing cache of agents?

Does this reduce consumer trust in light of how effective and advanced customer service or inquiry technology is and how often it’s used in other verticals?

Is this a problem for this individual alone or is this an Achilles heel for real estate in general?

We are at 48 hours.
She is 47.5 hours too late. (I stole that from Greg Tracy)
Had I filled out a request on his site, he would have already sold me the home.

The industry needs more of that than it has.

How can we help this agent?
This is a $2,000,000+ home.
At 5% commission, there is a six-figure payday for services not being rendered.
What tools are there that could be plugged in behind that form that could have conveyed the humanity behind the inquiry and got the agent on with me immediately?
What skills are missing by the agent?

There’s a seller out there that deserves more for their money than their getting.

Part 3 72 Hours later

Part 4 96 Hours later

– Davison