1000WATT Index gets an upgrade

Who are the CRM players in real estate?

What are my options for lead management?

What was that home search app I heard about?

We created the 1000WATT Index eight years ago so you (and we) would always have a place to go for answers to questions like these.

Today we introduce a new Index interface. It’s simpler, faster and cleaner.

The 1000WATT Index is a modest endeavor: a simple listing of real estate tech companies and applications broken into categories. No reviews, no rankings, no BS. Just a quick reference list. People seem to like it.

And it’s definitely not complete. If your company isn’t listed, submit it. If you have an app you love that you don’t see on the Index, submit that too. This is a group effort.

You can also kick your company to the top of the list for a small fee. Any and all submissions must pass 1000WATT’s own subjective relevance/credibility/intelligibility test for inclusion.