1000WATT Consulting and RealTrends release "Top Ten Real Estate Brokerage Websites in America" Report

Today we are proud to release a new report produced in cooperation with RealTrends, the highly regarded research and consulting organization headed by Steve Murray: “The Top Ten Real Estate Brokerage Websites in America.”

You can view the report online here, on Scribd.

This report was compiled over a three month period, during which we examined the websites of every company on RealTrend’s 2008 “RealTrends 500” list, which ranks the largest brokerage companies in America.

There are no doubt smaller shops that offer excellent websites. And many of you will offer your own picks. And that’s the point: As we note in our introduction:

“We hope this report serves as encouragement for brokerage companies that seek to create websites commensurate to their already considerable offline success. We do not pretend to have the last word, and recognize that there will be legitimate disagreement over our findings. Let this then be the first word in a long and fruitful conversation. The real estate experience matters. We can do better.
Brokers can do better.”

We hope you enjoy the report.