1000WATT adds video production – what's your story?

There are lots of ways to tell a story. And short of smoke signals, we’ve employed darn near every medium to help our clients light up their brands.

But over the past year, we kept coming back to video. Which makes a lot of sense if you think about it: real estate is all people and places, subjects that beg to be brought to life. And as anyone who has ever marketed technology into the real estate industry knows, pictures beat words every time.

It was with this in mind that we decided to bring video production in-house at 1000WATT Consulting to complement our existing services.

If you want a killer video executed masterfully, we can do it for you – soup to nuts. We also did this because we found the right person for the job: Brett Hickman. Brett’s a seriously talented dude, and works really well with our creative process. He earned a degree in Cinema Production at San Francisco State University.

While there, he and his team were honored at the International Student Film Festival in Hollywood for “Best Documentary.” He has worked on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Ellen and the MTV Video Music Awards.

We’re stoked to have him on board.

The videos below are examples of the kind of work we’ll be doing.

Here’s a video we did recently for Intero Real Estate highlighting their “Andare” office concept:

We do a lot of brand and marketing work for technology companies. This piece is for KWKLY, a mobile solutions provider for whom we undertook a complete (soon to be released) brand overhaul of which this video was a part:

This piece is part of an ongoing series for ForeclosureRadar.com, a long-time 1000WATT client. The video’s great, but I hope you’ll also listen closely to Sean O’toole, the company’s founder and CEO. He’s the smartest, sanest, most knowledgeable human being on the planet when it comes to the foreclosure market.