100 great Twitter tools

Kelly Sonora from Online Best Colleges just sent me her post titled: 100 Twitter Tools to Help You Achieve All Your Goals.

There are many tools here that I never heard of and will be testing them throughout the week.

If you are still coy about Twitter, think again. Where else can you broadcast your message to an entire world for free?

There are conversations going on right now about you, your marketplace, your industry and life in general that you could be a part of. Many of the tools listed above can keep you connected easily with little intrusion.

Twitter is open 24/7. It’s an online rave. The ecstasy you ingest and the high that ensues come from the connections you are bound to make that will lead to opportunities you would never, ever, create otherwise.

Unlike blogging, little time is needed to get something out of Twitter.  Personally, I invest no more than thirty minutes a day. What I accomplish would have, in the old days… been impossible.

Davison Twitter: 1000wattmarc