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Jeff Bernheisel joins 1000watt

Jeff Bernheisel

We are excited to announce that Jeff Bernheisel has joined 1000watt.

Jeff comes to us from M Realty, a brokerage in Portland, Oregon where he led an extremely successful digital marketing effort and managed technology initiatives.

Prior to that, Jeff was marketing director at Inman News. There, he met our own Joel Burslem.

Jeff knows what it means to do progressive marketing within a brokerage context. He gets social media, knows how to bend WordPress toward real estate purposes and understands the technology agents want – and need – to succeed.

But perhaps most importantly, Jeff will bring a sophisticated and tested understanding of SEO to our client engagements.

This area of digital marketing is a favorite haunt of charlatans and obfuscators, and we’ve seen many real estate companies get mugged in its shadows. We can now help them avoid this fate directly and with confidence.

Jeff will also be helping us grow and promote the 1000watt Index, Nudge and other company assets.

Welcome, Jeff!

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34 Responses to “Jeff Bernheisel joins 1000watt”

  1. Josh Ferris says:

    Jeff is certainly one of the best in the industry, congratulations all around. I look forward to watching you guys grow!

  2. Marc says:

    Thanks everyone. We are so stoked that he became available. Ups the ante on what we can offer our clients in terms of killer services.

    Jay, you are not allowed back into Portland unless you stop by the 1000watt office first and say hi. :)

  3. Marc says:


    For your edification and the groups, the 1000watts doesn’t represent us. It’s reflective of what we believe real estate brands can be based on the juice they have within. We’re just the team that help reveal it and turn it on.

    That’s what our agency is all about.

    Thanks Krisstina, Laura, Seth, Andrew, René, Jeff, Bob, Earl, Jay, Nick, Josh, Jeff. We are all fan’s of yours and seriously appreciate your acknowledgments.

    If ever in Portland, stop up and see us. We’ll keep the lights on for ya!

  4. Christian Nossum says:

    Congrats Jeff! What are you drinking to celebrate? You deserve something pretty damn impressive since you’re around such an impressive group of brilliant minds at 1000watt.

    • Jeff Bernheisel says:

      Thanks Christian!

      I actually bought a bottle of Crown Royal XR that I’ve wanted to try for a while. It seemed appropriate for the occasion.

  5. Andrew says:

    Jeff, your one of the few RE SEO guys I respect. Glad to see you joined with 1000watt. Seems like you guys are a good fit .

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